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Homework: Assignment


Well, my website was re-designed around the new years, so i'm sticking with that as it is the only design i've been happy with in the last 10 years :D Will however update it a bit more regularly.

The same week as i had my final shoot, i was actually asked to do a costume shoot for a costumer who work with movies here in Sweden and she needed to show a concept of a Queen Katherine styling for a possible movie job. So i basically went with the same concept as my own shoot as the general idea was related, but did a slightly different retouch and ofcourse used a different model. These are the resulting pictures from that shoot, and the costumer was very happy with the results =)

And updated my profile with links to my social media aswell as my homepage

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Nice! Applied the personal shoot to a job right away! Exactly how it should be! Very glad to hear that the customer was happy also! :D

Site looks nice, pretty much what I was saying—easy to browse and look at a lot of stuff at once. It's been nice seeing your updates in the course, thank you for taking part and good luck with future work!