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Week8 homework: Course wrap-up assignment

1. Design/redesign your portfolio website with your brand goal in mind. Build mock-ups in PS ahead of time if you want.
2. Blog about your shoot and share the images on social media, remember to tag your team members.
3. Retouch 1 or 2 more photos.

Homework: Assignment


My personal website is long overdue for an overhaul and re-design, so I’ve been putting a fair amount of time into the first part of this assignment, but the more I’m digging into it, the more I feel it deserves a lot more attention and will probably not be ready for awhile. I do want to wrap up the course though and move on to other projects, so here is a screen shot of the blog post I’ve prepared that will feature work from this course when the site does go live.

I re-touched an additional image from my shoot. I worked through this much faster than the previous images for sure, partly because I copy-pasted my layer and folder structure from the previous pieces and re-used as many adjustment layers as possible. I wanted to keep the image retouching look consistent so it made sense to do this. I definitely see the value now in establishing a “north star” or end goal early on in the process, and working in an organized, efficient manner. Throughout this course I have learned quite a bit about the importance of a strong foundation, and not just the importance of, but *how* and *when* to pay close attention to small details.

This was for sure the greatest take-away for me, since I think that’s well-known to most people that you need to pay attention to details, but knowing how to go about doing so is something that requires planning and practice. I look forward to utilizing these lessons in all my work in the future!


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