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Homework: Assignment


Lesson 8 homework:

1. This week I created my portfolio ( Though I will continue to make minor changes to it, overall I'm very pleased how it turned out. Soon I will start a 'blog' section so I can upload multiple images from a shoot and write a few words.

2. That being said I'll blog about this course and the photoshoot once I get to it. I'm still editing the images and seeing what I like best. I tackled many projects at the end this year and I need a creative break for at least a week before I can start blogging. It was my goal to have my portfolio up and running before the new year so that's why I'm submitting this lesson homework right now.

3. I retouched one image, the same as last homework, I just keep coming back to it because it's becoming my favorite. I like having a few versions perhaps one more edgy and creative. This one here is the more creative version. I used the warp tool to make parts of the image appear doubled.

Thank you Jingna for creating this course and putting in your time and effort so others like myself can benefit from it. I learned a lot and it pushed me in the right direction. I also have no doubt I'll come back to some parts of this course to refresh. You'll continue to be an inspiration to me, I look forward to seeing all your new work in 2018. Thank you again!


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