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Homework: Assignment


Hi Jingna Zhang,

We would like to ask your review about these photos, that we made recently (following your guides :)
Unfortunately, we couldn't afford a hair stylist, so we had difficulties retouching hair, but we learned from the first picture (the one with the red flower) that a fresh hair with a lot of hairspray can make huge difference, so we used this for the second shoot.
We also made the wrong choice with the green background, because originally it was a shiny metallic paper that reflected too much. At the end, we had to change it in photoshop almost entirely. So we learned how to use different textures from you, that saved this picture.

We are excited, and we would be pleased to get your answer. :)

Dori and Andras
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These look good! I love the peacock feather matching with the eyeshadow idea. The textured background that you had to redo doesn’t look bad at all either!

I would recommend playing around more with color treatment in post, so to make your image a little more interesting rather than something that looks straight out of a digital camera. Imagine now analogue images are changed by darkroom and different types of film, the black background one looks maybe a little too digital in the way the colors feel true. But overall these are lovely, just need more practice! Thanks so much for sharing!