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Homework: Assignment


The useful things I learned from this lesson is to keep everything as natural as possible and understanding the right tools for your retouching. I still need more practice for this. For the shoot, I tried to do this shoot outdoor and didn't really account for the weather. At the end It was raining 15 minutes into the shoot and I didn't have a backup plan.


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Thank you for the inputs, it really means a lot. Yes it was bad for not having a backup plan. I tried doing it indoor but the place is not suitable at all for the concept so I ditch it. Yes I think I still need to do a lot of work for taking the picture. Do you have any book or recommendations to learn poses and compositions? I will try another concept and post it here. Thanks again :)

Cool! Looks thought-out and well put together. I'd definitely recommend having backup plans if you're shooting outside, weather is always going to be an uncertainty.

Given the time there are probably quite a number of things you can think of improving yourself. I'd say lighting and retouching are very pretty, I'd watch for the texture on hands to make sure they are more consistent with the face.

If you had more time in the future, I'd work on model's pose and composition. The way her right hand clutches the skirt is always going to be quite inelegant looking in photos. Try to have the hand angled away from the camera slightly and picking the skirt with 3-4 fingers only, not all of them. Also the dress has a lot of nice details, so you want to either accentuate it by going closer up for a portrait or pull back more for full-body visual impact given its length.

Do another one when you get a chance, keep it up!