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Homework: Assignment


Hi Jingna,

I enjoyed the photo shoot as well the retouching process. It's inspired by blood moon / assassins theme from video games and also Devon Aoki. I should definitely have spent more time on her hair as well as the red lightning on the background. It was very time-consuming to fix. Also, her eyelashes could've been fixed before the shoot as well.

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I like the idea! Given the lighting from a moon in the background, it would probably look better if you added a rim light on her hair that's red also (a gel). At the same time, you want to consider the environment too. With the red moon, the environment will most likely not just purely be black and white. It can be a stylistic choice, in which case maybe it's better that the moon doesn't emit light at all, if it does, then it should work together more cohesively with the trees. Maybe have hints of red on them in some way. Always consider the lighting from all angles in the future. Can be complicated but will help improve the overall composite result. Very nice try!