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Homework: Assignment


Hi Jinga, thanks so much for sharing your workflow. My theme was about bridal beauty and after watching the video on how you use the photoshop tools and how it is being applied is very useful and broaden my knowledge on the function. As this is a beauty shoot, I feel I could have touched up and controlled more on the hair as it is easier to fix while on the photoshoot then on post.


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Hi Jingna, thanks for the details review! the gray patch is actually a flower but I guess I miss it as it was a little washed out. Thank you for the guidance on the posing, will take note and use it on the next shoot!

Hey Han, happy to see your work for the class! To me the end retouching result looks pretty good already. There's a small patch of gray behind her head that I'm not sure if is a retouching mistake. Maybe want to clean it up just to be consistent.

My only note here is to find a better angle/change the model's posing a little when shooting. Currently she looks a little stiff/posed, but you really want it to feel more elegant for beauty.

An easy way is to maybe have her lower her right shoulder, the gap between shoulder and chin can be widened in this way, and it would make her neck look more elongated and elegant.

Shoulders/necks are always the easiest places to tense up on for models, especially depending on our shooting positions too, so always watch for the angles with those. Good work, look forward to seeing more of your photos! :)