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Homework: Assignment


Here are my 3 final images. Did not feel that i got too many hangups on the process, The retouch felt quite straightforward, the background could have been ironed out a bit perhaps (the burlap one) but other than that most went as expected. I used plastic flowers instead of real ones which needed a little "fixup" but most of it was done on the shoot anyway.

Fun project and fun exercise.

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Awesome! Everything came together really nicely! The first thing that stands out to me is her lip color and texture. It looks like thick cream foundation was applied over and the result is cakey and a bit unnatural, and the lashes are a bit heavy-handed as well. It will be a better idea to stick to your original references in the future: The color tone/end result of the photo is very reminiscent of vintage portraits, but the makeup is so strong that they might have been more suited for beauty.

Beyond that, the colors and tones are beautiful. There's just a glow over her face that takes away the readability and it takes away from the photo a little, since a large focus point is the face.

If you look at some of the references you had originally: Features always read pretty well in the overall images. I'd tone down the brightness slightly and accentuate outlines/shadows more so there is better definition and separation in the highlighted area and especially against the background.

Overall great work, good luck for future ones!