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Homework: Assignment


Hi Jingna, sorry for the late submission. Had to serve my country for a few weeks. Really had a hard time retouching the image. Didn't think that I did a good job. Sometimes you don't know how much is enough or if I could have done lesser? Well I guess just have to do more often and it'll get better. =)

Photography - Melvin Wong
Model - Kim Soo Min
Make Up - Zann Thiang
Set Assistant - Glen Sin
Flowers Design - Ektory

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Happy to see your upload! I see a bit of a blurred effect along the edges of objects here, they can look a bit artificial against the painterly style the image takes after. If you applied some sort of high pass/blurring filters, maybe check along all the edges and mask them out to make them less obvious.

I really enjoyed seeing this shoot come together, love how you were ambitious and managed put everything together. Don't be afraid to over and underretouch, to see how far you can push and how subtlety can look elegant. You will be able to find a good middle ground depending on the type of image you're working on over time. Definitely practice more! Good luck! :D