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Homework: Assignment


Lesson 7 homework:

This lesson took so long to learn but I'm glad I took my time trying to learn all the techniques that you taught.

I actually did a composite image (not submitting it because I didn't like the final result) but I loved the process of merging the best components of two separate images.

For these images below I really tried to focus on the skin. In total I spent about 12 hours learning the clone and healing tool (in particular the clone tool), and about 2 hours learning the liquify and transform tools. I'm submitting these images though they are not completely perfect--I'll still be learning how to fix the finer things like eyebrows and hair on my own time.

Obviously I'm a beginner and so to retouch something simple in photoshop could take me a while so what I would of fixed during the photoshoot process is my attention to detail. Things like fixing a piece of her hair or tilting her chin ever so slightly could save hours of time later.


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