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Homework: Assignment


Hi Jingna,
I don't have a calibrator yet, but I definitely need to get one. I did check against other devices like my iphone. Did some fine tuning in lightroom for the the selected photos and also did a quick composite to have some texture for the background.

For the final image I chose 2 images and also might go with a oval crop to have draw more attention to the center as the original crop has some flowers or leaves on the edge but I can edit it out, so I will make the final decision during retouching and have a feel of both.

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Smart idea to use your iphone! It's not the best indication of colors, but at least most people will see similar colors as you intend it to. My personal thought is that the full crop actually looks interesting the way it is, maybe you can crop away a bit top and bottom, I'm not sure how much the oval adds to the composition, but this could change afterwards too, so entirely up to you. I I'd watch the head piece in retouching, it's a bit skewed, and if I'm using the straight on shot I would try to make it even. Looking good!