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Homework: Assignment


Lesson 6 homework:

These are my top 10 images, and underneath are my top 2. I did a few different composite tests just to see the options and to get a better feel for it but ended up not liking them, nevertheless, I got some practice out of it.

Top two favorites:

The first image is my favorite (with the flowers). I love the shadow play and the light so much and I think there isn't too much distracting elements going on.

The second image is my second favorite. I like the fact that she is facing toward the light so the emphasis is on her attire, it stands out to me. If i were to go back and to change one slight thing I'd ask for the model to sit more poised, but still I think it's a beautiful image.

Amongst a few changes, I darkened these slightly from my previous homework upload. The reason is because I'm trying to get her skin to the most realistic color that it actually is. I think it looks more natural than what I previously wanted to do with it (create a more vintage feel and tone up the colors). I can't wait for the next lesson to retouch these!


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