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Concept Board + Pose sketches

Assembled the refined mood board which shows some research I did for the and sketched out some poses, which were essentially just still frames from the two films I am referencing, but it was a good exercise in how to communicate the mood and emotions of the character with facial expression and posture.

Homework: Assignment

Shoot day plan

Assignment this week was to:
1. Find hair stylist, makeup artist, and photo assistant(s) for your shoot (unable to book people due to COVID, but my model can do her own hair + makeup).
(** Shout out to the following ladies on YouTube who became my makeup mentors this week: Roxette Arisa, Jbunzie, Whois.gracie + Natachuli97)
2. Create final mood boards, 1 core concept, and 1 backup concept, demonstrating a plan for: Lighting/mood, Hair + Makeup, Styling/costume, Model poses.
3. Sketch 2-3 shot compositions and find pose references for your model.
4. Create photo shoot schedule.


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