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Homework: Assignment


1 - One soft light to the left side of the model... i tried to emulate the "dutch´s light"

2 - Sun, hard light above the head... a little bit past non.

3 - Sun, backlight... golden hour.

4 - Cloudy and hazy day. Light almoust everywhere... hehehe.

5 - Light from the window

i´m so worried because i´m so late with my homework. Recently finished the 3rd class :(

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Nice! These are lovely! So long as you can identify the type of light you are doing you are pretty good to go. If you are thinking of doing in a controlled environment, maybe do some tests with controlled lighting. If you are thinking of doing natural light again, just make sure you can get the same condition again!

Look forward to seeing what you'll do for the concept! :D