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Homework: Assignment


1. Octabox from right side, slightly high. Blue gel covering the octabox, except for a center hole i cut out (which provides the white light on the face). Idea here was to create a blue falloff in the shadows but still have skin tones in the main lit areas.
2. Octabox from right side. slightly high.
3 . Silver Umbrella Deep size XL from right side. Silver reflector screen from left side bouncing back some fill on the shadow side.
4. Silver Umbrella Deep XL behind the model. Silver reflector front left bouncing back fill into the face.
5. Snoot from right side. Silver reflector left side bouncing back fill light.
6. Snoot from behind right providing rim light, Silver reflector bouncing back light from below (creating a "sinister" look ;D
7. Snoot from behind right, Fill reflector bouncing back slightly onto the shadow side. Trying to mimick a stage light feel.
8. Beauty Dish top right.
9. Beauty Dish top right + silver fill reflector underneath the face to create a soft light.
10. Magnum Reflector from front, slightly higher than eyelevel. "In your face" feel.

Turned out to be 10 looks in the end, but i got carried away ;D All that is done is removing the worst skin-issues (there are some harsh lighting in this ;) and making all but 1 black & white.


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You really did quite a lot with this one! Very nice! Blue gel in #1 is a cool idea, not sure if intentional but it shows up slightly purplish instead of blue on my screen. You may wanna get monitor calibrated if it wasn't. The rest are great, I really like the variations you've used and different positions the lights came from. Since you seem understand all of these pretty well, you should try doing more with incorporating design principles and elements next. Try to create something interesting with compositions, such as playing with light/shadows, props/bg elements etc. Can be simple things but maybe something to think about. Keep it up! :D

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Thank you for the feedback, and yes, it is a bit more purple than true blue even on my screen =) Getting the white-balance was a bit tricky on that one as i didn't do a proper grey-card before.

I'll definately start working in more thought through compositions and design elements in the next homework. Have loads of ideas already ;)