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Homework: Assignment


1 Aperture Priority f2.8 shutter speed 1/13s Metering Matrix ISO 100 Auto
2 Manual f4, shutter 1/15s ISO100- under exposure
3 Shutter priority -f2.8 shutter 1/25s ISO100 exposure step down -0.7
4 Shutter priority-f7.1 shutter1/5s exposure step down -.07 ISO100
5 Shutter Prority f2.8, speed 1/50s- shutter speed to fast
6 Aperture Prority f7.1 speed 1/2.5s -f7.1 to high
With this 6 photos I played to under and over exposure photos in my kitchen.
The Models are my friend I was practice shoots in Manual Mode.


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