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Homework: Assignment


The design elements & principles I tried to incorporate for these photos are:
-Color Attributes: I tested different types of natural lighting, both outside and inside with different subjects.
-Shapes: Both organic and mechanical.
(I don't have proper equipment yet, so I'm testing everything with Pro Mode on a Samsung!)

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Hey, nice attempt even with just a samsung! You definitely don't need expensive equipment to get started. I would recommend going in and refining some of these things a little more. Pick out individual design elements focus on them one by one in a shot, say, texture—get a crop of only the bark of a tree, or lines—focus on the lines in a skyscraper, for example: has both balance/symmetry, as well as lines, and the light to darkness of the building also shows value. But you can immediately see at least 1 element right away. Try to focus on that for now.

As for shapes - they are more 2D, flatter, think a paper cutout. When you can see an organic 'shape' such as the museum display and understand that it's a 3D object, we usually classify that as form. Try to do more!