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Photo 1 : Form and Centre of Interest
(Q : How to channel interest to the scene in the sphere?)

Photo 2 : Harmony and Balance

Photo 3 : Harmony and Contrast
(noted on the tangent mistakes - busy background behind man)

Photo 4 : Lines and Values

Photo 5 : Lines and Values

Photo 6 : Shapre, Form and Texture

Photo 7 : Space and Colours

Photo 8 : Values and Contrast

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Nice! The new pics are a big improvement from the last batch!

#1 really shows form and space. It's actually quite interesting because you also have balance of two subjects in opposite corners, but because you have two similarly sized subjects they compete for attention so there's less of a center of interest. But interesting image to look at!
#2 I would say is rhythm/repetition.
#3 harmony needs a bit more elements that work together. This still has too much going on. Nice spotting the tangent tho :)
#4, 5, 6, 8 Beautiful! #6 more dominantly symmetry and value. Maybe pattern over texture.

Nice job!