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Homework: Assignment

Lesson 1 - Thumbnailing

As inspiration I choose a trip to San marino, a very small country with a castle on top of a disproportionately high mountain. I like the concept of looking over a smaller castle/temple towards a bigger structure in the distance so you can see what's beyond the border. As if you are at the point of entering the kingdom. Only on the last thumbnail I tried something which was the opposite but also very interesting. I’m sure which one I'll choose. I like the concept of 1,4 and 6 the most.

Homework: Extra Credit


So.. I went with thumb no. 6. Its the furthest away from the initial idea but by far the most interesting. To solidify the idea more a made a small moodboard. I do want to increase the sense of scale when we go to the 3d blocking phase.

Homework: Additional Content


I'm going a different route with the mountains. I will use houdini to generate them and the main package for 3d will be blender.


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