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On March 25th, 2013 I died.

The experience striped away the weight of life and I saw myself and the world around me with a new set of tools. I was painting with a special set of brushes and I wanted to make it last. The permanence of the feeling has faded, however, it has left its mark, and this image is my attempt to put into one frame.

Homework: Assignment

Lesson 1 - Thumbnailing

I'm thinking about what this journey has meant to me and how best to express it with imagery. The road should be long. There should be water. Maybe still water to see yourself more clearly. Surrounded by rugged nature and a sense that it's wild, yet you're almost guided. After doing this exercise, it's clear to me why I got into 3D... I can't draw to save my life haha. Maxx did a great job giving the freedom to express through this process. It doesn't have to be quality because it's only for me to understand and there's something very freeing about that.


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