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Train Surfing Kid Finds a more exciting way to school

I had a complete blast on this course, I've never taken a more invaluable course than this. I learnt so much from Patrick O'Keefe. I'm not gonna lie I threw myself in the deep end a bit and really pushed myself and I failed so many times doing this but I kept going and now I have a piece that I am really proud of, its not perfect but my journey with this piece has made me love the imperfections (even if there are a lot of them xD). Sequence illustration is definitely something I want to do loads more of and I'm so happy I took the time to complete this course. With everything this course has given me i can't wait to see what art I will be able to make in the future. It was tough but my art levelled up like crazy throughout this course and I honestly can't thank Patrick enough for making it and for the feedback he was able to provide me during LBX. It completely changed my way of seeing art and I can proudly say I am a much better artist than I was before. I went for a rebellion action in modern day urban settings and I think I completed the brief pretty well (I'm still a noob so im probs still not seeing a lot of my mistakes) but I'm really happy with how it all turned out. Now to print this and hang it up as my first official Sequence Illustration can't wait to start my next one!

Homework: Assignment

2D Sequence Illustration - Rebellion Action Piece Set In Modern Day Urban Setting - Train Surfing Kid

Homework: Additional Content


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