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Authoritarian/Action/Near Future/Slums

These are 4 color keys that I completed for this lesson. Overall I'm quite happy with the results, so chosing one to move forward with was quite tough. I felt like there's a nice range of colours that capture the mood I was going for. I was also quite surprised of which of the four keys that would end up being the most successful.

Homework: Assignment

4 Color Keys

Overall I was happy with all the four keys and the mood in each of them. 001 and 002 were the ones I liked the most from the previous lesson, but I actually liked them the least from this lesson. 001 feels a little flat and not really exciting, was happy with the palette, but it overall lacks a bit of intrigue. 002 has a nice composition, but I felt like I overdid it with the lighting and overall it lacks a focal point. 003 and 004 are the ones I liked the most, they both in different ways have a foreboding athmosphere and have have a lot of depth to play around with. I decided to chose 004 because I feel like the character stands out more and the palette has a more futuristic tone.


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