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Colour Key Contact Sheet

I wanted to take a few different ideas forward with my idea for a Rebellious Action genre set in modern day urban setting. 002 and 004 focus more on an overrun society where rebels have rose up and taken over. With these I wanted to push a more over the top action with dynamic lightning and atmosphere.

With 001 and 003 I wanted to have more fun with a light-hearted sense of rebellion. A more youthful sense of rule breaking. I had some real fun with storytelling here.

I like 001 its got good storytelling and a decent perspective with good dynamic feel to it, but there's something that isn't doing it for me. I think it could be more dynamic to make it more interesting.

002 is good at establishing the city and some story elements are in there but I don't think it got across an action feel to it as much as the other did.

003 is looking really strong to me, I really like the composition and the colour palette is a very familiar time of day like early morning rush. Its got some good story telling I can almost see that this kid decided to take the more fun route to school that day. I like that I'm able to see inside the train and if I take it forward I plan to develop this further. I really like this piece and I'm really glad that I took Patrick's advice to change to the perspective from what it originally was. I have added a before and after to the additionally content section of what it was before the feedback.

004 is very dynamic i pushed my lighting and materials a lot here from what they originally were. I'm really happy with how this turned out. I pushed my cityscape a bit more and made it more 3D and less flat looking. I tried to make it look more like there was a downtown area where the buildings were bigger compared to the rest of the skyline. I like this piece but I feel I'm losing some of the city details I would like to have because of the perspective.

I'm going to take forward 003 as I think it has the most potential and I'm really like the composition. I feel it hits every aspect that I'm looking for to get across my Rebellious Action.

Homework: Assignment

Take four composition sketches forward and take them through the colour key stage

Add colour to composition sketches and refine them. Add in lighting and materials too.

Homework: Additional Content

Before and After Portfolio Feedback during LBX Week

Here is my contact sheet of my colour keys before and after I received feedback during LBX week via Patrick O'Keefe's Instagram live.

Patrick's feedback was extremely helpful and really helped me develop my ideas further and fix some glaring mistakes. This is my first time creating any kind of sequence illustration and I was still getting used to the process of how to make a painting digitally like this. After the feedback it really helped push my skills more as I started to see my own mistakes and how to get across my ideas better.

I pushed my materials and lighting much more as I started to understand them. I also redid a one of my ideas and took Patrick's advice and changed the perspective. This made the piece so much more dynamic and I'm so glad I took the time to redo it. I also fixed my city being too flat and adding some overlapping buildings. I think this feedback greatly helped me push my illustrations further and taught me more of what to keep in mind and look out for when designing them.


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