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Urban myths, horror

Mood / Lighting - Evening to midnight.

Maine 2 colors
Red Light -Warning light.  Blue Light -crime prevention light, Neon.

Character-A mysterious killer (not a human) and The ruthless girl who tracks it down.

Homework: Assignment

Present issues

It was a difficult task for me.
Trying to put neon lights on the scene added too many colors and made it difficult for me to control them.
Since it's about horror, the scene is made too dark.
I need to think more about lighting for dark places.
I'm going to revisit the scenes in horror movies and other movies again. Also, it's taking too long to finish, so that's another issue.
I'd love to get your feedback. ^^)

※I used free license photo for textures


Homework: Process

Review for myself

001-It's hard to see what's going on in the back room.
002-The representation of rain is going to be interesting.The colors in dark places are monotonous.
003-The color of that wall looks out of balance with the color of the sky in the background.
004-The character's color is bad.

Homework: Additional Content

Exercise for color and lighting

I traced a night scene from the movie-Drive(2011 / Nicolas Winding Refn)


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