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Seoul Stealers Color Key

001 - I like the mystery and secrecy involved, and the clear representation of old vs new Seoul. Maybe the characters are poor and are Robin Hood archetypes?
002 - I like the composition on this one, but the setting doesn't really resemble the Seoul that I am trying to tell in the story. I like the lighting and framing, and it is heavily action-oriented which is a nice change of pace.
003 - I like this one because of its intimacy with the character and the clear emotional symbolism in the piece. I can play around with the designs of the citizens.
004 - This one I'm not a fan of. Can hardly see the characters and I probably should have added some spotlights to direct the eye more. Also wasn't focusing on story, I was focusing on the futuristic city of Songdo and only now I see that it doesn't really fit my idea of a Modern Day Urban Drama.

- I asked some friends and followers what they liked and majority have said SUBWAY (003) is the one that tells story best.
Interesting because I was leaning towards 2 during the process but maybe its setting and characters didn't help tell the story.


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