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Color Key
Homework: Assignment

Lesson 3 - Color key

Color keys and plans of the 4 chosen sequences. These were a blast to do up, overall I think 002 and 004 are working to best communicate the theme and story.
Just some lose notes on design:
-I wanted to explore variations of how the beast could appear across each image, with 003 and 002 needing something more aggressive and chaotic, while 004 and 001 show a more tamed but ominous appearing beast. I think 0004 was the most successful in striking a menacing appearance (*with the darker/more vivid colours, the various cars caught up in it's grasp, as well as the beam of energy shooting form it). This variation in design was also the case for the hero, I did find myself more drawn towards a futuristic look (*as a pose to the aforementioned mage like look).


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