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Comps for the Homework

For this homework I tried focusing on rhythm and the framing to make my composition more dynamic The main idea is to make the mood if the scene enclosed but has a lot of height. I try to make it also feel a bit more industrial and a bit like in the slums. My main focus is to show more of the environment while placing characters to provide narrative and dynamics on the scene.

Homework: Assignment

Critiques for my Comps

Comp 1 - The flow of the composition seems to be good to me. The elements on the environment helps to lead the reader to where the character/action is. The thing that bugs me on this scene is that the camera is a bit near the subject which eats too much of the focus..
Comp 2- Have a good read, some good graphic design. The subject is a good size and not taking much attention. The only thing I would be adjusting on this scene is the banners to make it less distracting and adjusting some of the values.
Comp 3 - Good read but lacks a good focal point.
Comp 4- Good story telling but the background is a bit too flat and the action is very close to the camera, which is not the intention for my comps.
Comp 5 - Good Framing and has the best story telling from the scenes. The only thing to adjust are the buildings on the sides to make it less symmetrical.
Comp 6 - No interesting point for the scene and its a bit hard to provide a good narrative.
Comp 7 - Low camera provides a very dramatic or imposing presence for the building but the downside is that the character will be a bit too big when placed on the foreground.
Comp 8 - Subject is too close on the camera and the background elements are all on the sides. The foreground elements needs a little bit more polishing or definition to make it effectible .
Comp 9 - It does not have a good 1,2,3 read and the elements are a bit too similar to one another in terms of sizes and depth.

Comp 2 and 5 are the scenes that I will continue to explore since the base is good and it just needs a little bit of adjustments. Comp 3m 4 and 7 are good to continue specially if the elements motioned are adjusted and fixed


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