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Exploring the story

The idea was to try to catch the train and start your new adventure, so I started to think to make the character jump from somewhere but it feels also like he's escaping from something (that can also be a cool idea since sometimes we escape from situations/life).
Tested few shots to show also the city around but also tested some of them from inside the train, so we can see the character jumping out to the next stop, or jumping in to catch the train.
Still need to improve my overall composition definition and design, I'm trying to keep them simple but it was hard indeed. Need to practice this more.
The shot I choose were the ones that convey more the idea in my opinion.
001/003 - we can see the city and the jump of the character towards the train just from different angles.
006 - I like this one too but can be that the character is too small, but the readability was good and comp simple and effective.
008 - Inside shot can be also cool to use.

Homework: Assignment

Explore your story

Start by creating nine separate compositions to explore the story you want to tell. After this, prepare these sketches for presentation. Give yourself an honest critique about which aspects work, and which ones inspire you to move forward.


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