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Authoritarian/Action/Near Future/Slums

These are the roughs I did for Lesson 2, I wanted to go for a tense moody setting in the slums as a soldier who represents the authouritarian system. Overall I was happy with some of the roughs and dissappointed with the others. The challenge was to capture the sense that the slums were in an authoritarian setting. Some of the roughs felt like just a warzone that lacked the context I needed.

Homework: Assignment

9 Composition Roughs

So of the 9 roughs that I liked and wanted to further to develop is 001, 005, 008 and 009. I liked the sense of scale of 001 and 005 and think I can push it more with the authoritariasm with the checkpoints and barricades. However I'm most happiest with 008 and 009 as they capture the sense that the slums are under authoritarian rule with the barricades and surveillance,as well as the containing symbolism of statues which is common in dictatorships. The other roughs I felt weren't really dynamic or lacked the themes that I was going for,


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