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Those that lurk...

In an alternate universe (or is it) where authoritarianism runs as the norm on Exo B4. Citizens are quietened into submission from the suppressed regime, but what lurks in the dark could be the saving grace

Homework: Assignment

Create compositions and critique

The compositions I find the most interesting are: 004, 006, and 009. This is because the perspective is less conventional, and strong lines help to guide my eyes to the subject in the composition. I can imagine these work with some strong contrasts with light, and warm/cold tones between them to create pieces.
At first, I found it a bit difficult to get into the rhythm of .. just.. creating, and painting. Once I started to get into the rhythm of painting and simply the action of making marks, it felt easier to play around with compositions and perspective. The biggest critique I would have for these would be whether or not it portrays the keywords from the Brief Creator well enough.
I took some inspiration from the reference boards I had gathered for Lesson 1.


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