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A dystopian depiction of the near future in Seoul, Korea.

This is the new Chosun. This is not an epic tale of good vs evil. No rebellions. No heroes. Capturing the everyday lives of Seoul's citizens in 2034... the beauty in capturing mundane moments, but in a fictional/dystopian setting. There is global and domestic tension, but currently no war... Underlying unrest and fear is the norm. After surviving its 4th pandemic and war with the north, the state is heavily policed, monitored, and civilians are traced. Civilians wear breathing masks, and although still easily identifiable through govt mandated implants, they cover themselves in public to give themselves some feeling of privacy. True human connection, physical touch, community are extremely rare. Those who lost limbs due to war and calamity or simply need to escape have resorted to cybernetic implants and augmentations.



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