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Placing a banner on the plant/ chased by security.

When a visit of the president turns media attention to local chemical plant Petro-Chem, blogger and environmental activist Elina sees the opportunity to expose the company being responsible for the resent sea contamination. However, the company’s security have read her blog and takes drastic measures to keep the truth hidden.

Theme: Heroic, Genre: Action, Era: Modern Day, Setting: Industrial

Petro-Chem is the large employer of Port Harbour and have a great influence on local authorities and is the sole reason the town still is running. Elina tries to expose the company's pollutions but neither media or police are interested - they are to closely connected to the Petro-Chems owner and thinks the town is too dependent on the company to do anything. The night before the presidents arrival Elina and her younger sister trespass the factory to place a banner that will exposes the company when the press conference goes live the next morning. But they are spotted by security...

Homework: Assignment

Build a brief and collect appropriate mood boards

Three mood boards each focused on location, character and mood/lightning.


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