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A kid who is robin food for his mates.

I wanted to depict a chase sequence where a kid is stealing Vada Pav (an Indian snack) from a vendor for him and his friends as they are unable to pay up for the meal. I decided to go with a modern day era with the setting being in the slums as that feels organic, lively and rustic for the story I wish to depict. I also want the illustration to feel heroic and action oriented as that would perfectly describe the thought process of the main character at that moment.

Homework: Assignment

Reference Boards

I collected some references of slums and small town alleyways that are chaotic and bustling in nature. These would be great as foreground elements that the character could be interacting with during the chase sequence. I also want the mood to be colorful and bright as the heroic moment would be depicted best through this. The atmospheric perspective could be used to separate FG/BG elements, increasing contrast and read. As for the character, he would be riding a bike with a dynamic pose to indicate movement and thrill, while escaping from the vendor.


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