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Understanding Game Art

Lesson 1 in Stylized Environments in Unreal

Lesson Information

To begin, you will cover several of the most important steps relating to any Unreal project. Tyler will show you how to budget your time and effort, identifying exactly which assets need to be created. This will save you from doing any unnecessary work down the line. After this, you will gather references and sculpt the base rock that will be used in your scene. 

Find Your Starting Point

Grab as many images as you need to come up with an idea for your scene. Then try to narrow down how you'd create your scene with only 3 or 4 assets by identifying recurring shapes in the reference images. If you have a difficult time deciding on an initial tone, you can use the free Learn Squared Brief Builder App:

For extra credit, try challenging yourself by narrowing down assets within more complex scene layouts. 

Rock and Roll

Using all the techniques demonstrated so far, sculpt your own rock. Pay attention to the details from each angle. Upload viewport screenshots to the Learn Squared homework gallery. 


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yea I still not getting the same effect, not sure if its Zbrush or if its me? it either sinks in too much or it keeps taking different values when I didn't select them.
and I have the same brush settings as you in the videos so I'm not sure why mine keeps going overboard. not too sure what to do now, cause i've been stuck on this rock for way too long.
might switch over to blender, but than I feel like ill miss a lot of things.

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For sure sorry it's giving you trouble :/. One other thing that might be doing it is the calibration of the pen pressure in your tablet. You can also try just the mouse with it and see if you can get a result.

The trim dynamic brushes could work for you they are located in the same brush/trim folder. Also the Hpolish brush could work in a pinch that one is set up in the default brush pallet. Let me know if you are still having issues!

For sure! Just to be clear you mean what hotkeys are being used instead of doing menu navigation? Were there any tools or commands in particular that were hard to follow?

You can use the trim tool no problem. I just prefer selecting the geo I want to delete and then hitting delete geo in the Zbrush geometry tab. But either way works fine :)

If it's being done with a stylus pen it might be a little more sensitive. A mouse is usually pretty responsive if you want to just use that for the clipping part of the sculpting then go back to the stylus for the rest.

Lesson Plan