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Building a World

Lesson 2 in Advanced Matte Painting

Lesson Information

In this lesson, Maxx will show you how to quickly create and adjust terrains for your shot. He'll then find his preferred composition and begin kitbashing to add hard surface elements. From there, you'll learn to auto-generate plants by using a scatter system, and dress your set using custom placements for the most prominent greenery. By the end of this lesson, you will have a full 3D scene for your project. 

Hard Hats Required

Build your scene in 3D based on the concept you chose earlier. Don't feel constrained by the software Maxx uses in this course. Use whatever works best to get the job done. You can use the free kit content Maxx uses in this course, or you can sample other kits on the KitBash3D website. Afterward, upload your finished homework to the Learn Squared site.

Extra Credit

Create multiple cameras to frame your scene. You may find that you like one of these new compositions even better!


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Hi, in my Ancients pack, there is no rock piles or ruble. I re-downloaded the pack and still nothing. I am using Blender, would that matter? Does the rocks only come with other software i.e. Maya? Thanks.

On lesson: Tree Scattering - 02:36 DO NOT select Mesh as the Geometry type. You'll spend the next 2 hours wondering why your machine's RAM is maxing out. Select Instancer instead.

Lesson Plan