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Getting Started

Lesson 1 in Design for Production: Workflow

Lesson Information
This overview lesson will provide the essential knowledge we’ll need for this course. Michael will walk you through the project brief and creative deck, and discuss narratives, storyboards and references. Next, you’ll learn the foundational principles of Michael’s procedural workflow in Cinema 4D, followed by workspace customizations, and an introductory software technique session.
1. Storyboard Sketches
2. Pull ref: 8-12 images
3. Create base geo
Extra Credit

1. Create narrative
2. Three variations of the geo
3. Create a deck


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Great Chapter!
I like the breakdown of something a lot of people don't go over. In regards to deck creation, will you enlighten us on how your creating these documents ie which programs and whats the best method in creating these (hopefully with as little time possible). I have used Adobe Bridge in the past, but i wonder if there is a better way to create my general pdf template.

Hi Michael,

Just to let you know that I have started the course and so far I think this is great. Your way of explaining things is extremely good and I am enjoying it a lot. So far I have only done the 1st chapter, cant wait to get into the other ones :) I see you have another one, but I am not so much into animation as into creating great looking still frames. Looking forward to more like this one .....

One thing I think already mentioned to someone within learnsquared, is the possibility of getting discount for some of the license software that is needed in the courses learnsquared offers. For example, I dont have Xparticles yet, only the demo version. It would be great if you could get agreements with these companies to offer a kind of student discount if you get their software though your courses. Just an idea.

Thanks again !

Because of my busy schedule, I began to watch Getting Started section today,
but after I paused it a hour ago, the section looks like LOCKED. Other three sections are playable.

How can I keep watching Getting Started tutorial videos?

Lesson Plan