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Lesson 4
Homework: Assignment

Final Presentation

My final creature design, along with concept and references. I wanted to create something original and also believable.

I expanded this project and wanted to see if I could create a story around this creature, maybe you can explore where it comes from, or tell a story of how it ended up on planet Earth.

Be sure to check out my assignment for Lesson 1 as well!

Homework: Process

Pre-Production & 3D

My final brief build, sketches and ideas. I sculpted in 3D Coat with my sketches as reference. I took the sculpt and refined a little in photoshop, trying to see if I could incorporate more insect feel to it. I then figured out a way to design using the mantis shrimp as an idea. 

Homework: Additional Content


Overpainting and redesigning the creature. I wanted to use my photoshop and drawing abilities to demonstrate my skillset.

Homework: Additional Content

Work in Progress & Unused Work

Screen grabs from my work in progress. Also some unused sculpts from ZBrush.

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