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I pulled this character out from a personal project (Ashka: Beneath the ashes). He's a sniper, part of a royal guard that was hunting a group of witches. While he was aiming at one of them, she immediately turned and looked into the sight of the rifle, bursting his eyes with a rush of power that made him blind. From that moment onward, he decided to leave the royal guard and live as a vagabond. He soon realized he couldn't just wander around because that might get him killed: that's when he started sharpening his other senses, hunting down pretty much anything he could localize around him (animals, witches and even other soldiers). With time he built himself his own props that became more and more technically advanced and some people even saw him experiment with magic artifacts. Now he's determined to kill every witch that crosses his path.

Homework: Assignment

With these initial sketches of the costume I tried to create a good contrast between tribal/primitive elements and the utilitarian nature of his soldier suit.
I explored his facial features because I felt it was a crucial part of his design and personality. I tried to keep the reference scheme pretty minimalistic for this initial batch of sketches, I'll better flesh out all the design elements in the second portion of the character development.
Still figuring out the technology level of his lens apparatus and the aesthetic direction of the rifle.

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