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Homework: Assignment

Create a Hard Surface or Organic Material

I drew on a very specific piece of inspiration on this assignment I tried to apply all I had learned in recreating a texture from the latest God of War game on PS4. The reference is below and while I tried to emulate certain specifics near the end I tried to add a few features or textures tastes to my liking and stopped replicating it exactly. The circular pattern and repetition scale where the most difficult aspects to reproduce in terms of accuracy and how things line up. I started to see the overall patterns used to create the repeating patterns and then used some nodes in conjunction I gradient thought of before. Like a gradient through a curve to "warp" the tile generator pattern so some of the ruby shapes were long and others were squashed as it got further from the distance.

Homework: Process


This series of node graphs got out of control multiple times and often required me going back to properly set things up so it was coherent and manageable. At one point I had to completely reorganize things just so I could easily pull the required masks for the diffuse, glossy, normal and metallic maps. Endless streams of lines back and forth. I made as much sense of it as I could and spread things out so there was space to tweak if I saw something needed it.

Homework: Additional Content


I've lately been playing God of War and in utter awe as to the texture details. So as I play I often take snapshots of textures I'm particularly inspire by. This floor details was particularly inspiring for the complexity of details and inlays so I chose to try and recreate it to the best degree I could. Lots of trial and error to get even close to the pattern in terms of so many small details for the circular repetition.

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