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Lesson 1 in Freelance Illustration

Lesson Information

This lesson will explore the fundamentals of illustration, both in creating your art and making a living from it. Being a freelance illustrator requires you to be a good business person, which means finding work and getting along with clients is just as important as making beautiful images. 

Lighting Things Up

Warm up your fingers by rendering two value spheres with different light sources. 

Use Your Head

Sketch one to three head studies, each from a different angle. 

Art Appreciation

Pick out 3 of your favorite illustrations from artists who inspire you and pinpoint at least 5 different aspects which make each a successful ilustration in your opinion. Then curate 10-12 of your own personal illustrations which best represent your aesthetic. Spend a few hours analyzing this to determine what your objectives are as an illustrator.

Extra Credit

Research how other artists market their art, and familiarize yourself with different social media platforms, how they differ, and what content prospers in each.

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What you do is quite amazing!
Since I finished art school in 2018 I only manadged to get a small amount of art related jobs and I feel quite like I have no legitimacy to present my arts to galleries. How did you end up applying to one? Do you have any advice to believe in your art again?

Lesson Plan

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