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I decided to shift the mood to day light using hemisphere skies. Oddly enough when I saved a copy of my dusk lit scene, something in the lighting changed and the contrast became more extreme/exaggerated. I adjusted them though, and while some of the darks still feel extreme, I'm a little happier with it. I included them here as well.

Homework: Assignment

Video + Screenshots

Thank you, Joe, for this course! Brushify has drastically improved my workflow for creating landscapes and I wish I knew about it sooner. This course, along with the rest of your free Brushify videos were absolutely helpful.

Rolling Grasslands


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Thanks! I downloaded the Hemisphere 005 version from the author after purchasing it. Then just adjusted the contrast and sky multiplier color a bit (basically the things Joe covered in the hemisphere portion of the video). My time of day is at 1. Looks too cloudy/overcast at other times.