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Lesson 1 in Unreal Environments

Lesson Information

In this lesson, you'll learn the basics of Unreal and begin crafting your environment idea. You'll find references, build a library of assets, and assemble those assets together into one convenient staging area. By the end of this lesson, you'll have all the tools you need to start building your own environment.

Set the Mood

Using your idea from the Brief Builder Tool, create a mood board. Even the act of searching for reference can spark your creativity! If you don't have Photoshop, don't worry. There are plenty of free options for photo editing.

Take Control

Before doing any building, get comfortable with the Unreal Engine controls. 

Bring in Assets

Find and import assets for your project. Don't forget to make sure the assets have everything you need before making a purchase.

Build the Zoo

Once you've imported all the assets you want to use, build an Asset Zoo scene. Make sure everything looks good from various camera and lighting angles. 

Share Your Work

Upload an image of your Asset Zoo using the 'Upload Homework' button above, so your instructor and fellow students can see your progress!


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Hi, the system used for recording is:
AMD Threadripper 1950x, 64GB DDR 3000, Nvidia GTX 1080TI, project installed on an m.2 nVME drive.

This is 3 year old hardware now so you should be able to find it for quite reasonable prices. Also expect things to get even cheaper with the release of RTX 3070 and Ryzen 5000.

Is there an issue with Lesson 2 World Creation? I'm now locked out of it and it's asking me to log in??? I'm already logged in but when I go to my course/dashboard and click on it, it has a LOCKED image. I sent support an email. Is anyone else experiencing that?

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Hi Joe,

Really appreciate the reply. I know you're probably pulled in many directions these days but I know from experience that people tend to get upset/frustrated when they purchase something and can't move forward with parts of the training/tutorial until "someone" answers (whether it be fellow artists or the content creator themselves). I would imagine Learned Squared could help you out by adding a point person to monitor and answer some of the simpler questions so it's not on you to answer and take up your time. For more deeper questions, maybe that's when you sort of get involved to resolve. Anyway, like I said the course is really good and as a newbie, learning so much from your course (rewinding many, many times!!! LOL). Thank you for putting this together for us. I'm just trying to help. Take care and keep safe.

Thanks for the reply! I think not everyone knows about the Discord server and have seen questions about accessing it, but no response. Maybe it might help to convey that a little more clearly so the comments area isn't flooded with technical questions. You can see all of the questions that are unanswered but don't see this type of message replying to them. So it might be best to let everyone know how to get answers resolved. At the moment, I've been figuring out most of my issues with some google searches but I'm sure I'll have more questions that is specific to the workflow Joe goes through. I'll use the Discord server for any issues I may have. Thank you for responding! Cheers.

Hey Graeme, we do our best to reply to comments here but prioritize support requests sent to our help desk which is [email protected]

What do you need help with? For any technical support, we recommend heading to our Discord server to chat with other students to get the quickest response possible as we're not able to offer technical support here. To join the Discord, head over to your profile settings and hit Connect Discord to join the server.

I feel for you and others that are looking for answers. I provided feedback to them about this and hope they can improve in helping their customers in a better way. (at the bottom, under support, there is a feedback link). I hope it helps everyone. I do think it's a good course so far though and lots of learning to do!

Sorry to hear that Mario. I'm pretty new to UE4 and need that kind of support. Especially going through some of the tutorials. So many questions but trying to figure out most of them instead of asking simple/basic questions. However, when it comes some important features of the tutorial, one would get really frustrated and disappointed without the help they are looking for. I know Udemy has great responses from the creators. I bet people will think twice about purchasing another tutorial from them. Too bad, really. It's also not $15 dollars (referring to some good Udemy courses I've purchased)

I emailed them complaining about the lack of help but I did not receive any response. It is impossible to learn something if you have a problem a nobody helps you. In mi case, I am very disappointed because it is complicated to find UE4 courses.

Hey, is the folder where your UE4 project is installed read only? Make sure that it's writeable by right clicking and going to the properties.
If you want to contact me on discord I might be able to help you trouble shoot the issue.
Joe Garth#5978
Sorry it took me a while to reply!

Hi Magnus,
Creating a course like this without something like Brushify wouldn't be possible. You'd literally have to program a complete shader infrastructure from scratch. This is not a programming course, but a course that focuses on Environment Creation.
Brushify is also included in the Lesson files, so everything you need to create similar UE4 scenes to mine is right there. Of course students can choose to buy additional assets depending on the project they decide to undertake. They also don't necessarily have to be Brushify assets, that's why I created sections that walk students through what to look for when buying assets.


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