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Lesson 4 in Vehicle Concept Art

Lesson Information

This lesson will cover a few very important steps in making your vehicle feel realistic. First, Pablo will take you through Octane and its various tools. You'll then learn how to create any materials you might need for your design, applying various effects and trying a few different looks. After this, you'll light your vehicle and export it as a new turntable.

Build Your Scene

Learn the basics of Octane by building your scene. Now is a good time to explore and see what works best for you, before moving on.

Clay Renders

Set up your vehicle with a clay material, and take some interesting shots. You may find faults with your geometry after applying this look, so don't be afraid to go back to ZBrush and tweak anything that bothers you at this stage.

Material World

Create your own final material and plating to fit the design of your vehicle. 

Into the Light

Once everything is looking good, light your vehicle and create a turntable from Octane. Comparing your previous lesson's turntable to this one, you should see a big improvement! 

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