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Nothing feeling lonely as a forgotten home buried in our deep memories

When we were young, it's naturally to think like we're imprisoned, restricted from our freedom, but does everyone understand it is also the place nurtured ourselves before we can flap our wings to the outside world ?

Homework: Assignment

Golden Styleframe

I wanted to included some feature and extend the models a bit further but didn't have much time recently until my render was already done. Currently i kinda want to included some leftover bird feathers and a half opened door of the cage to represent that there was something belongs to this place. Something has abandon this place to a greater place.
The only thing left is the place and signs of something existed here. Although i'm not sure if it's a good thing because i want the person who watch this picture to feel empty/lonely when they look and feel the mood of those frames.

Sorry if my explanation feel confusing and hard to understand :'(


Homework: Additional Content

Extra frames


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