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Homework 1 - Getting started

Not gonna lie; this first assignment was pretty challenging for me. I'm not much of an illustrator so this took me a little over two weeks to complete as I essentially had to learn how to draw for this... Hence my only having one character. That said, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Especially the crest and the look of the helmet (the rest of the style was just me trying to draw existing pieces of clothing from ACRONYM).

I'm deep into some Power Rangers and Batman comics during quarantine so I drew a lot of inspiration from there. I wanted to create my take on a Ranger while rooting it in something a little darker and more urban.

Moving forward, I'd like to try and draw the character in more dynamic poses and flesh out their backstory further but I figured that I had to move on to the next lesson some day so voilĂ  haha.


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