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Detailing the Project

Lesson 3 in Substance Designer

Lesson Information

Here is where you really start getting detailed with your textures. In this Lesson, you'll go through the rest of your scene, creating interesting visual concepts throughout. Daniel will share several insights about the benefits of procedural texture creation, and arm you with different tricks to speed up your process.

Reference Board

Create a reference board of interesting color schemes you want to apply to your scene in the next Lesson. Select at least three colors. 

Extra Credit

Explore your own ideas customizing the textures we created during this Course so far. Find your own references and themes.


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I was wondering, when you are doing this, is it only for practice or you can do real time tesselation in your game production? are you using your texture for modeling also instead of sculpting and baking meshes?

I was watching "Creating the Fuse Box" and stopped it and left the page.  When I try to go back to it I just see black with no player controls.  I've refreshed the browser (and tried 2 different browsers) but still can't see that video.  I can see the other ones. 

I'm assuming it's a problem on my end but I thought I'd check just in case. Did something happen to that video or is it something that I did? 

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Hey! Great course so far, but there seems to be a video glitch at 3:55-4:19 on the "Basic Floor Texture" video, the whole thing just goes red. Nothing major, but I thought it might be good to mention so you could maybe fix it down the line ;)

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