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Finishing Touches

Lesson 4 in HUD Animation

Lesson Information

Take your animation to the finish line. Right out of the gate, you'll learn advanced expressions which can utilize proximity to drive animations and how to simply generate complex details. Ryan will then cover After Effects' powerful 3D layer system and camera techniques to add depth and final polish to your HUD animation.


Use the techniques you've learned throughout the entire course to create a detailed HUD animation which performs a clear task.

Think of a unique set of actions for your UI/UX element to perform. It should have a clear beginning, middle, and end, without any explanation necessary.


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I'd call myself a fairly advanced user and I found the knowledge I gained from this was extremely valuable, you can't expect a teacher to do the work for you they are meant to guide you and teach you important nuggets which is exactly what Ryan does here. Money well spent for the small pieces of knowledge I gained. This course has definitely sped up my workflow. Can't wait to put it all into practice. 

I've bought Ryan's course in a bundle with Ash's. I also said that Ash's course disappointed me a lot, but Ryan's course is ridiculous. He uses Ash's templates to drive them with some Adobe animations. Every lessons has it's own effect, to sum up 250 for a couple of unspectacular effects. The trailer of the course - especially with his professional work in the industry is amazing - but this course isn't better than a bunch of youtube tutorials. As I said in Ash's comments: I wish I never bought this course. The sad thing about that is: I thought "Learn Squared" is a platform only with high-quality content, but this disappointment about both courses leads me to restrict my buying behavior on Learn Squared.

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