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HUD Lesson 1

Going to structure this based on Asher Eggleston's post to keep things somewhat consistent.

HUD 1: Spiderman Homecoming, Film
Modern trendy film approach- I'm a sucker for this stuff- love the iconography and how the designer was able to create elements here that take actually selectable. Doesn't seem to take the layered/depth approach like a lot of the traditional Marvel HUDs. Also thought the implied/absence of a reticle was interesting. I realize this is a step too far from looking at a specific frame the designer may not have had here- but it would have been funny to see the HUD provide a winning chess strategy for the game going on to the left.

HUD 2: Batman Arkham Asylum, VG
Very minimal approach here- seems like there are buckets of info that are very compartmentalized. Not a lot of extra ornamental design elements outside of the buckets- most of the stylistic extras are contained in these key areas.

HUD 3: The Last Starfighter, Throwback Film
Following Asher's lead here again, wanted to throw something different in the mix. This was one of my favorite childhood films and I remember there was a whole scene in the film where the experienced Grigg explains the HUD to the rookie Alex. With all of the remakes going on that need to reference legacy material (Rogue One, etc) I thought it would be interesting to see what elements pointed out in the lesson were present in this retro style. Turns out quite a bit!

Homework: Assignment

HUD Breakdown

The assignment was to dissect and analyze 3 HUD designs.


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