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Lesson 2 in HUD Design

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After you've begun to wrap your head around the purpose and function of your HUD, the next step will be the design phase. To begin, Ash will demonstrate some techniques for creating an "Asset Army" which will be reused and repurposed throughout various modules in the design. From there, you'll create a base version of the HUD, as well as additional modes for greater storytelling potential.


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Here's another tip. Like most thing in Illustrator, there are multiple ways to do them. This is true for the Blend Options. I find the easiest way to do a blend is as follows:

1. Deselect everything
2. Choose the Blend Tool (shortcut W)
3. Click on the first object you want to blend (the cursor will show a *)
4. Click the second object you want to blend to (the cursor will show a +)
Optional step 5. to change the number of steps, with the blended shape selected, press enter and you can specify the steps.

The advantage of these steps is that you can modify the steps and see a live preview.

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In the adding complexity video, it'd be great to add several typekit font alternatives, as well as, possible free fonts, since the majority of everyone will be using the adobe cloud, and not everyone can afford these fonts.

Ash, quick tip for you: go into your Mac's System Preferences > Spotlight > Keyboard Shortcuts, hit the Spotlight entry in the menu, and turn off the shortcuts for Show Spotlight search and Show Finder search window. That'll take care of the redundancy with the AI zoom in/out shortcuts.

Hey Liam, Im only in the first section but i thought the mini exercise would state the next steps of what and how to build. I am choosing to concern myself with composition until after i have gone through the entire course...maybe it will be covered.

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