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Homework: Assignment


I started my career doing graphic design and a bit of motion on the side, soon I realised that I was enjoying my animation projects so much more than my design ones. I realised that there is so much more to learn in animation and thats where I wanted to spend all my time. I get bored really easily and saw that in motion design there would always be something new to learn or a new skill to master. I knew it would bring me the most joy in my career and now that I've totally devoted all my time to it I see that it was exactly the right move to make. I'm LOVING every part of it!

The animation on the left is the winner!
It seems so much more natural, the ball falls with the correct weight and moves smoothly along the "metal" stand.
The one on the right is much more static and the ball doesn't move along the stand it goes over the strokes.


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